Abstract Water

Water Scarce(city) Delhi 2037

Seminar, SPA Delhi, 2017

The Research Seminar of my team titled 'Water Scarce(City): Delhi 2037 at School of Planning and Architecure, Delhi with the overall theme of 'Projecting 2037', researched into the concept of settlement densities being determined by water availability. 


The solution today to water scarcity is to build a dam 200km away from the city to acquire a quantity which is wasted as Non Revenue Water. If we are to have a water positive future in the next 20 years, there needs to be a balance between the central water supply and decentralised water management at settlement level. Case studies such as Ayanagar Urban Renewal, Regenration of Hauz Khas lake were looked at. The final presenattion was a visual manifestation of the research as ‘Flat No.2037’ a dystopian view followed by the positive way forward.

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