Brand Development, SPA-D Placement Cell

Project Description

As one of the placement coordinators for the 2013-2018 batch, I led the brand development for the School of Planning and Architecture Delhi's first Corporate Relations & Placement Cell, Architecture Department which included the overall brand strategy and visual design of marketing collaterals including the logo, brochure, posters, ID cards, sketchbooks, badges, notepads, bags, and the LinkedIn page. 


The Placement Cell is the official representative between SPA Delhi students community and the Corporate world for all placement activities. It facilitates student interaction with the industry by opening up channels for communication. Our primary focus is to connect the student community with the corporate, alumni and various other organizations to build a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations that choose to recruit students from our campus. The Placement Cell worked in partnership with Reculta- a startup that aims at helping institutions and companies come together to conduct hassle-free recruitment processes.

The visual language of the brand is designed to be confident and creative. It builds up from the existing brand value of India's 80-year-old institution leading higher education in architecture and planning in the country, extending it to showcase a global presence and a contemporary identity. 


The logo is designed to reflect limitless possibilities for the young architects graduating from SPA Delhi, announcing their arrival on the global stage. The timeless SPA logo is juxtaposed with a globe, communicating this message to potential recruiters. The orange color is characteristic of bubbling creativity, enthusiasm, and confidence of the designers. 

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In order to build a strong digital presence, connect and communicate with companies, organisations and alumni, a LinkedIn page was set up. It has been actively used for finding opportunities, making connections, and inviting companies to the SPA Delhi campus for orientations, workshops and placement drives.

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You can see the complete placement brochure here