Illustration Book: Filter Coffee Man from Chettinad

Project Description

'Filter Coffee Man from Chettinad' is an illustration book that was designed at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi as part of the Art and Graphics Studio in 2016. It was the result of a settlement study visit to Kanadukathan, Madurai, Dhanushkodi, and Auroville in Tamil Nadu which involved measured drawings, photo documentation, and personal interactions.


This book illustrates one of the most common and amusing sights I observed everywhere in the state, no less than a stunt for the public eye. 


The Filter Coffee Man from Chettinad has set out on a journey through the various parts of Tamil Nadu. He is no ordinary filter coffee man but one with a few tricks up his sleeve. He is amused by his travels and in turn amuses the people he meets.


Sip some nice hot filter coffee and immerse yourself in the adventures that unfold. 

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If you're interested to read the whole book or even just want to give me feedback, drop me a hello. I'd love to hear from you! :)