Rejuvenating Dead Spaces in Schools

20 Government Schools,

East Delhi

Creative Learning and Practice (CLaP) is one of the programs of Council of Arts and Social Practice (CASP) which was carried out by a team of mentors, artists and architects in 50 government schools of Delhi.

It started as a pilot project with SEEDS, designed to create a learning experience for children in everyday life, develop child-friendly learning spaces, activate dead spaces and bring visibility to the implementation of NSM (Non Structural Mitigation) devices, through interactive sessions and infographics.

Around 3-4 interventions were executed in every school based on their appropriateness for different age groups. A participatory approach was adopted wherein workshops were held with students and teachers to include students ideas in some cases, and to explain the interventions in others.

My role ranged from ideation to execution and I was majorly involved in the metal and woodwork which involved execution of ideas such as ‘Phone a friend’,  ‘Counting Waves’ and ‘Carbon Footprint Calculator’ which also included graphic design.